I've got your back Papops!

I've got your back Papops!

Littledi71 says:


As I have gotten older, you have shared more advice with me and helped me along my path.  You have always been there to guide me.  You've always had my back.  Now it's my turn.  I know we haven't been able to see each other in awhile and sometimes I take for granted the time we have together.  I also want to help you with anything you could need.  I promise to be there for you and always cherish the moments we have.  Love, Brooke

P.S. Thanks for everything!!
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Littledi71 Columbus, Ohio

I am 15 and have a close relationship with all my Grandparents.  I lost my Grandma Sandy Sue in 2009 due to  Breast Cancer.  Everyone says I am a lot like her.  This is an important cause to me and my family.  I realize I am lucky to still have four other grandparents.  My Grandma Jodi, Grandpa Greg, Grammie and Papops are always there to support me.  That's what families do...they have each other's back.  I treasure our fun times together!

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