The Sister that is gonna do it all

The Sister that is gonna do it all

Kyle says:

Dear Jordan,

It’s been a crazy 20 years for me, and I am so glad that I’ve always had you by my side. We have done just about everything together over the years, whether it was adventuring through Homestead, or trying our first roller coaster. It’s been an insurmountable amount of fun, but we have both became incredibly busy within our own lives. Even when you came back from Syracuse you’ve been going at it, striving to beat the overwhelming odds of earning the title of a Doctor.

Although we’re under the same roof now, we don’t really have the time to spend with each other, due to this thing called life and its many challenges. The road to becoming a doctor is very crazy as I have learned from all your late night, and early morning studying. But it can’t be accomplished without breaks!

That’s why I am making this promise, to make a change from the absence of unity and togetherness as siblings. To have a taste of living the life of leisure, to truly be relaxed, before you achieve your formidable goal. We’ve always thrown around the thought of traveling world, so we're gonna do it! Mom always says “There is a time and place for everything”, well that time is coming faster than you think! Seems crazy right? But you always taught me that whatever you dedicate your mind 110% to, you can do.

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Kyle Fairfax, VA

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