Be the Change With JVA

JVA says:

Volleyball Players, Coaches and Club Directors: We have your back!

We promise to have your best interest and give back to you whenever possible. By sponsoring our member clubs, keeping our event costs low, consistently offering low cost insurance, forming partnerships that offer discounts to our members, and sharing fundraising and business education with club directors - WE PROMISE TO MAKE IT EASIER for more players to play the game, and more clubs to offer youth and junior volleyball programs. The more players we have playing the game of volleyball, the more successful our sport will become on a youth, collegiate, national and international level.

The JVA has 5 guiding principles:

1. We Are Member Driven

2. We Put Player Welfare First

3. We Display Affordability and Financial Responsibility

4. We Always Show Transparency

5. We Follow Best Practices

We are promising to Be the Change for junior volleyball, and invite you to join our mission.

Join us and #BeTheChangeWithJVA  Help support us in our mission and our promise by creating your own promise below in support of the Side-Out Foundation's amazing research.

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JVA Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hi volleyball fans players, coaches and families!

The JVA is a partner organization of the Side-Out Foundation for many years. Our #1 mission is to grow youth and junior volleyball through various program and resource development, education and events. We have almost 1,000 volleyball clubs that are members of the JVA nationwide, both beach and indoor. We're focused on providing resources, education and opportunities for players, coaches, directors and volleyball fans to have a positive and enjoyable volleyball experience.

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