My promise to my family...

My promise to my family...

Marygrace says:

Dear family,

There has always been an overwhelming amount of laughter that has filled my life because of each and every one of you. Every time that we are all together, which is sadly, not as often as I would like, it creates another great memory for all of us.

Now that we are all growing up, going off to school, starting careers, moving away, and getting married, it seems that we see each other less and less. We use to be together every day, sitting in our assigned seats at dinner, playing card games, and annoying each other to no end. Unfortunately, time has affected all of our relationships to the point where we do not always know what is going on in each others lives.

I know I have failed to talk to each of you individually and together everyday and even once a week. I pledge to not let life get in my way anymore and I promise to start talking about your lives with you and getting to know who you are now as opposed to seeing you as the person I saw you as when we were kids. Our lives have all changed for the better and we are all moving forward and taking on different challenges and I promise to be there for each of you in every step of the way.


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Marygrace Virginia

My name is Marygrace Restaino. I come from a family of ten and have loved every minute of it. Currently, I am a college student at George Mason University where I study advertising and entrepreneurship. One of my favorite things about my family is that we have all aspired to be someone who helps others. We may all have different careers and life goals, but they all seem to lead back to helping those who need it. 

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