A Coaches Promise

A Coaches Promise

ECE says:

As a coach, I acknowledge that I am a role model. I believe in the principles of good sportsmanship which includes integrity, fairness, and respect. While teaching you the skills of the game, I will also teach you how to win and lose graciously.   I will educate you about the game of volleyball and do so in a fun and interesting way.   It is my goal for you to not realize how hard you are working.  I want you to love the game, I want you to walk into the gym and pick up a ball and start to play.  In practice I will encourage you and demand that you give me your best.  I promise to give you my best in planning our practices to provide you the necessary skills and practice opportunities to allow you to feel prepared for competition.  I am here to help you with any question or decision you may have to make.

I make this promise to my team, staff, club (players and parents) and USAV region to be a model of preparedness, ethical behavior, integrity, and good citizenship.  It is a privilege to represent ECE Volleyball club and the volleyball community as a teacher and coach of the game.  

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I love the game of volleyball.   I love to play, watch, learn and coach the game!   I love how developing the spirit of the team stays with players and coaches as snap shot in time!  

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