My Connection to Breast Cancer.....

My Connection to Breast Cancer.....

Tim says:

I have been asked many times since I began my position with Side-Out, “Do you have a connection to breast cancer that motivated you to work for The Side-Out Foundation”?  My response for the first several years was, “No, but I could have someone diagnosed with breast cancer tomorrow - my Mom, sister, nieces, cousins, or friends.”  

In 2012, you volunteered at the first ever Rock the Pink grass tournament in Omaha.  The next week you were diagnosed with breast cancer.  You seemingly had ‘beat’ it after many treatments, doctor visits and a very positive attitude.  We would continue to have lunch, go to events, and LIVE UNITED - as the motto of United Way which is where we met.  

Then in 2014 you shared with me that you cancer had metastasized to your bones.  You now had bone cancer or ‘metastatic breast cancer’ as known in medical terminology.  Boom.  It happened.  My job of raising money to fund clinical trials for metastatic breast cancer had just turned very personal.

Since that time, I’ve tried to be a friend, an errand runner, a shopping ‘chaperone’, a resource and most importantly, a listener.  But I haven’t always been the ‘best’ at any of the aforementioned.  Other distractions in my life have at times resulted in being ‘average’ in these roles. There may have been times when I was frustrated, because I was helpless to do what you needed the most - a cure found.  

I now have realized that I can’t find a cure, but also know that all of these other things are so very important.  I pledge to be the ‘best’ I can be as a friend, errand runner, shopper, listener and resource.  We’ve always joked about how we became the most unlikely of friends, but I now know it was meant to be.    

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Tim Omaha

Tim is a member of the Side-Out staff.  When he's not watching volleyball, coaching volleyball, officiating volleyball or analyzing volleyball, his hobbies include watching most other sports, politics, Tornado watching and spoiling his 2 nieces.  He is best known as the Exxon-Mobil spokesperson in a national commercial where he can be seen running ahead of the other participants in an marathon.  

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